MISORVA Camp Out / Ride In — Headwaters Campground, Fredrick, MI … From MISORVA Website:  “you can start making your reservations now !  Call the Headwaters Campground in Fredrick at 989 705 2066 please call 616/361-2285  let the office know how many adults and kids will be joining, -we need this information for food and games.  There will be a sxs/quad ride on Friday at noon  more details to come later.”

Jim Kelts elected MSA’s 2017 Vice President

At MSA’s 2017 Annual Meeting, our own Jim Kelts, was elected as the Michigan Snowmobile Association’s new Vice President, effective January 2017. Thank you Jim for all your hard work and valuable time you have devoted to Ogemaw Hills Snowmobile Club and the Michigan Snowmobile Association!

Congratulations Jim!!

Source: OHSC November Newsletter by C.Gerling