Everyone is Welcome


Our club welcomes ALL snowmobile riders, regardless of skill level!

You will find our club to be a warm, welcoming environment with helpful members and fun, family-oriented events.

Ogemaw Hills Snowmobile Club


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Are you an avid snowmobiler? Maybe more than the casual rider?

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Our club is what our members make of it.


Our Goal

Our goal is to continue to grow the club each year and strengthen our affiliation with the MSA (Michigan Snowmobile Association). Michigan offers the finest snowmobile trail system in the country.

The MSA is directly involved in maintaining, preserving and enhancing the trail system. The MSA represents the rights of all snowmobilers and protects and promotes the sport of snowmobiling.

The expansion of our club’s membership increases the club’s ability to support legislation which protects our snowmobile trails for future generations.