Membership in the Ogemaw Hills Snowmobile Club (OHSC) is family friendly and continually looking for new members to contribute to the growth of the club and sport. The club stands for family fun and camaraderie. To include safety, respect for landowners and supporting Michigan Snowmobile Association (MSA) in its efforts to keep our sport viable. Michigan has a 6000 mile trail system. Anyone who rides trails should be a member of a local club and MSA. It is your voice at the State and Federal level.

Your dues, registration and trail permits go towards making your riding experience a fun and enjoyable one. Please Join!

OHSC has two ways to join and download the Membership Application:
  • OHSC New Membership or Renewal via mail: Membership App (PDF format)
  • OHSC New Membership or Renewal via PayPal, then submit membership application via mail or email
  • OHSC COMMERCIAL New Membership or Renewal via mail Commercial Membership App (PDF format)
Join OHSC and enjoy!
OHSC Members